Saturday, January 8, 2011

Implementing a simple configuration file in Python for a C# application - Part III

In this post I want to make my user description richer and for this I going to implement a class with 3 attributes UserName, LastName and FirstName.
Now my Users attribute from my Configuration dictionary is a list containing 3 instances of the class User.
You can even write some code to test the Python indepently of the C#.

     Configuration of my application
 class User(object): 
      def  __init__( self,  userName,  lastName,  firstName): 
         self. UserName   =  userName
         self. LastName   =  lastName
         self. FirstName  =  firstName
      def  __str__( self):  # Same as C# ToString() 
         return  "UserName:%s, LastName:%s, FirstName:%s"  %  ( self. UserName,  self. LastName,  self. FirstName) 
  Configuration =  { 
     "Server"     :    "TOTO", 
     "Database"   :    "Rene", 
     "Debug"      :    True, 
     "MaxUser"    :    3, 
     "Users"      :    [ 
                         User("rdescartes"    ,"rene"      ,"descartes"     ), 
                         User("bpascal"       ,"blaise"    ,"pascal"        ), 
                         User("cmontesquieu"  ,"charles"   ,"montesquieu"   ) 
 # Code for quickly testing the user class. This Python code will work with IronPython or the C Python.
 if  __name__ == "" : 
     u =  User("rdescartes"    ,"rene"      ,"descartes"     ) 
     u =  User("bpascal"       ,"blaise"    ,"pascal"        ) 
     u =  User("cmontesquieu"  ,"charles"   ,"montesquieu"   ) 
     print  u

How to read this configuration variables in C# 4.0.

static void Demo() {
     ScriptRuntime  PythonScriptRuntime = Python .CreateRuntime();
     dynamic        PythonScript        = PythonScriptRuntime.UseFile("" );
     Console.WriteLine(PythonScript.Configuration["Server" ]);
     Console.WriteLine(PythonScript.Configuration["Database" ]);
     Console.WriteLine(PythonScript.Configuration["Debug" ]);
     Console.WriteLine(PythonScript.Configuration["MaxUser" ]);
     foreach (var u in PythonScript.Configuration["Users" ]){
         // Force to convert the User instance into a string which will call __str__ 
         Console .WriteLine((string )u);
     foreach (var u in PythonScript.Configuration["Users" ]){
         Console .WriteLine(u.UserName);
     Console .ReadLine();

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