Sunday, June 26, 2011

Embedding JavaScript in a C# application (Part I)

Embedding JavaScript in a C# application or service

Why would you want to do that?
  • Configuration (my post about that with IronPython)
    • JSON over XML to implement configuration file.
    • Configuration file implemented with a dynamic language can execute code.
    • Configuration file can contain object instances.
  • Plug-in architecture
    • Plug-ins can be updated with notepad on the fly or not
  • Script-able applications


For now I am using the JavaScript run-time Noesis JavaScript.NET which use Google V8 v 2.2.
I wrote a library which I may name DynamicJavaScript.Net, which allow to access the JavaScript objects and arrays using the dynamic feature of C# 4 (see my post here).

A simple configuration file in JavaScript

function User(userName, firstName, lastName) { 

    this.UserName  = userName;
    this.LastName  = lastName;
    this.FirstName = firstName;
var Configuration = {

    Server  : 'TOTO',
    Database: 'Rene',
    Debug   : true,
    Users   : [
            UserName : 'bpascal', 
            FirstName: 'blaise', 
            LastName : 'pascal' 
        new User('cmontesquieu', 'charles', 'montesquieu')

The C# source code to load the configuration

dynamic csContext = new DynamicJavascriptContext(
                              new JavascriptContext()


var server  = csContext.Configuration.Server;
var databse = csContext.Configuration.Database;
var debug   = csContext.Configuration.Debug;

for(var i=0; i<csContext.Configuration.Users.Length; i++) {

    var userName  = csContext.Configuration.Users[i].UserName;

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