Thursday, May 18, 2017


  • $99 the first month, $39 per month after that. If you cancel and re subscribe you still have to pay $99.
  • Only 100 videos play per month. Each video is about 15 minutes. If you watch a video twice, it is counted twice (Yes).
  • The course "USB Forensics and Pentesting" which is the reason I signed for is good but from 2014. The hardware presented is old, does not work on Windows 64 bit. And there is no update with the new FTDI MCU now released (2017) and mentioned in the video.
  • You also pay for Dr. Philip Polstra sarcasms about Windows versus Linux. I paying for the course, I do not need to hear that.
  • Too much Linux not enough Windows. 
I downloaded up 70 videos about different courses, still have to watch them. So Jury is still out.

But generally speaking too expensive.

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