Friday, May 4, 2018

Redux Workflow - Summary


A blog post to gather my understanding of Redux (
Another good explanation can be found at Redux explained.

On button click calling synchronous action

  • The ButtonClickAction() method is called by the onClick attribute of a button and return the action:
    { type :‘BUTTON_CLICK_ACTION’ }
  • Because the action return an object it is automatically dispatched.
  • The dispatching trigger all registered reducers to be called.
  • The dispatching trigger all registered mapStateToProps() to be called. The global state is pass to each mapStateToProps() call. mapStateToProps() return the list of props for its component.
    • If the call return a different result from the previous call, a call to Component.render() will be executed


  • OnClick
  • Action get dispatched
  • Reducers
  • mapStateToProps
  • Component.render() if needed

On button click calling an asynchronous action

  • Asynchronous action are typically an HTTP call.
  • The Asynchronous action must be a function returning a return function(dispatch) {};
  • The internal function must dispatch 2 synchronous actions, for example requestStartedAction() at first and requestReceivedAction(data) when the data is received, as described below.

export function fetchAction(city) {

    return function(dispatch) {


        axios.get(url, config).then(function(data) { 


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