Saturday, January 8, 2011

Implementing a simple configuration file in Python for a C# application

Combining IronPython and C# can bring very interresting things. For example implementing configuration. In this first post I am implementing a configuration file by using IronPython global variables. I am using C# 4.0 which make things easier but this can be done with C# 2.0.

The configuration file

     Configuration of my application
 Server      =    "TOTO" 
 Database    =    "Rene" 
 Debug       =    True
 Users       =    ["rdescartes",  "bpascal",  "cmontesquieu"] 

How to read this configuration variables in C# 4.0.

 static void Demo() {
     ScriptRuntime  PythonScriptRuntime = Python.CreateRuntime();
     dynamic        PythonScript        = PythonScriptRuntime.UseFile("" );
     Console .WriteLine(PythonScript.Server);
     Console .WriteLine(PythonScript.Database);
     Console .WriteLine(PythonScript.Debug);
     foreach (string u in PythonScript.Users){
         Console .WriteLine(u);
     Console .ReadLine();

You will need to install IronPython 2.6 For .NET 4.0 and reference the following assemblies:


Here are the namespaces used:

using  Microsoft.Scripting.Hosting;
using  IronPython.Hosting;
using  Microsoft.Scripting;

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