Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Top 7 Reasons To Learn JavaScript

7 - Because nobody does
6 - JavaScript is like VISA: Accepted Everywhere
  • No religion wars - No my language is better than your language
  • Every body does it.
 5 - HTML 5 is a cross-platform application thing
  • JavaScript was and is the programming language of the web
  • Laptop, Desktop,  NetBook,  Phone, Tablet
    • jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch
  • IE9/IE10, Chrome10, FireFox4, Safari5, Opera11
  • It's not fully there yet, but it's coming.
    • What about Windows 8?
  • Look what's coming in more distant future
4 - To build server side applications
3 - JavaScript is a dynamic and functional language
  • Dynamic Languages are fun
  • Write powerfull, small and readable source code
2 - JavaScript is now fast 
  • The new generation of JavaScript engines are really fast
  • Company     Browser  JavaScript Engine HTML Rendering Engine
    Google      Chrome   V8                 Web Kit
    Apple       Safari   Nitro              Web Kit
    Mozilla     FireFox  J├ĄgerMonkey        Gecko
    Microsoft   IE       Chakra             Trident/MSHTML
    Opera       Opera    Carakan            Presto
1 - We can get rid of the Ugly parts
  • Once you understand JavaScript, it is easier to only use the good parts
  • Yes, JavaScript is full of WTF!
  • Any good C++, Java, C#, VB, Pascal programmer can write good JavaScript code


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