Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to deploy a phone gap app to your iOS device

Because it is a pain in the Axx, to deploy a phonegap app from xCode 4.x to my device, I grabbed few screen shots, for next time.

Disclamer: I am just a Microsoft/Windows/.Net guy building iOS applications. I am trying to make things easier for me and maybe for you. This probably is incomplete, but if you are new to this world, this should help you a little.
  • You need to register to the iOS dev program to apple.
  • Install xCode 4
  • Install Phone Gap
  • I already created the certificate stuff, which I do not remember I did this.
  • On the apple site (see url below in screen shot), you must register yourself and your device(s).
To create your new project in xCode follow Get Started Guide from PhoneGap site.

What I am going to cover here, is how to generate and install  the magic key, so xCode will deploy the app to your device.

Generate the app key from the apple web site

Create a new app
Enter the name of your app, this must be the same name as the xCode project name
Select the device you wish to deploy to. Your device must be registered in the apple web site.

Use the certificate you created before
Enter an app's description

Here is the magic key

Download the provisioning file
Find the provisioning file in the finder, from chrome you can just click Show in finder.
Open xCode and in the Windows menu, select Organizer

Drag and drop the file into the Provisioning section. Looks like you have to drop it twice

  • Once in the LIBRARY and once in the DEVICES section.

Open the PList file of your application
Enter the code in the property Bundle identifier
If your device is plugged to your mac, you can now select to run the application on the device and click run.

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