Monday, May 13, 2013

Nodejitsu unexpected price changed!

Nodejitsu just informed me that my one nodejs instance monthly price will go from $3 to $9 a month.

I am using this instance to play with nodejs in the cloud. Just to play this will cost me $108 a year. I would have accepted $4 a month to allow them to survive, but who increase his pricing by 3 and remain in business. 

I guess they really pushed me to Microsoft Azur. But ...

Azur is confusing I do not know if for what I am doing with my NodeJs instance I could get it for free or for $15 a month. 

On Azur, I tried to create a web site and it was failing with a WCF error, using my MSDN subscription.
I ended up deactivating my subscription and there is no UI, to re activate the subscription.

After 30 minutes waiting on the phone for support, they told me they could not help and and I had to go to some support url to find a phone number.

I do not if it is bad luck or that Azur suck, but it is the second time I am trying to move to Azur and falling back on Nodejitsu.

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