Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jint Tutorials

What is Jint?

Jint is a Javascript v 5 interpreter for the .NET Framework/Mono/Xamarin allowing to execute scripts in C# applications on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Linux (Anywhere there is a C# 4.x compiler).

What is Jint.Ex?

Jint.Ex framework extends Jint with features that are not part of the ECMAScript standard, but use full when mixing C# and JavaScript.

I currently focus on Windows and iOS. Any developer with WPF, Xamarin.Android Xamarin.MacOS or Mono on Linux skills are welcome.


Event-driven interaction: Jint.Ex.AsyncronousEngine is event-driven interaction run time for Jint to build non blocking UI and creating asynchronous API.

setTimeOut() and setInterval(): The methods setTimeOut() and setInterval() are part of Browser DOM standard and therefore not part on Jint. Jint.Ex.AsyncronousEngine offer the methods and the clearTimeOut() and clearInterval() method.

localeStorage: A singleton object compatible with the HTML5 storage standard. Not available yet.


My tutorial about using Jint and Jint.Ex.


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