Thursday, May 22, 2014

Referencing Azure Assemblies in a C# project

Finding which assemblies I need to deals with Azure
  • Storage
  • Cloud Service
  • VM
  • Service bus
  • Web sites
is a little bit confusing.

I guess you can chose to reference Microsoft Azure Management Library and get almost all classes or pick just want you need. But still there are some things to remember. There are a lot of libraries in NuGet.

In this scenario I am trying to reference basically everything.

ADAL : Active Directory Authentication Library. 

First you need ADAL to connect to Azure.

MAML : Microsoft Azure Management Libraries. 


Windows Azure Storage : 

Extra classes to manipulate storage like uploading a blob are in the library. I do not know what these extra classes are not in the Microsoft Azure Management Library.

Windows Azure Configuration Manager:

I have got this assembly. Need to figure out why.

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