Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How to run JavaScript unit tests interactively from any text editor


This blog describes the procedure to install gulp-jasmine-livereload-task, to be able to execute on the fly JavaScript Jasmine unit tests from any text editor.

With this gulp task, you can update a Jasmine unit test file and once saved on the disk, it is executed in a browser, giving the result.



C:\>md test
C:\>cd test
C:\test>md src
C:\test>npm install --save-dev jasmine-core gulp-jasmine-livereload-task
C:\test>npm install --save-dev gulp-debounced-watch
C:\test>npm install gulp


In the test folder create a a file name gulpfile.js. Copy paste the following
var gulp    = require('gulp'),
    jasmine = require('gulp-jasmine-livereload-task');
gulp.task('default', jasmine({
    files: ['./src/**/*.js', './spec/**/*.js'],
    watch: {
        options: {
            debounceTimeout: 1000, //The number of milliseconds to debounce. 
            debounceImmediate: true //This option when set will issue a callback on the first event. 

JavaScript unit test files

Create the file test.js in src folder and copy this content
describe("Suite", function() {
    it("Test", function() {



How to run the scripts

From the command line:
This will load the default browser with the output of the unit test(s) execution

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